About us

Freedom for all, all for freedom!

We are an authorized dealer of Harley-Davidson® number 7994 based in Pilsen, with direct operation in West Bohemia. Our company was founded in early 2011 and was already a group of people who were not exactly new to the industry. Our investors are long-standing owners and lovers of Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, key people in executive positions have been working in the Harley-Davidson® world on a professional level for more than ten years. All of us together love motorcycles and motorcycling in all its forms. Our heart is the closest brand that started changing the world of two wheels 115 years ago - Harley-Davidson®.

So we offer you motorcycles, accessories, clothing, collectibles, service facilities and genuine parts to help you experience what makes us feel good -  to ride for joy, enjoy freedom, treat it to everyone else and be part of a legend called Harley -Davidson® .

Come and visit us - we look forward to seeing you.

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