Harley-Davidson® Plzeň
Daimlerova 3, 301 00 Plzeň

Fit & function

Myslíš, že je tvůj vysněný Harley® pro tebe příliš velký a těžký? Pořádně si to rozmysli, protože motocykl ti musí hlavně dobře sedět.

We know everything about the physics and ergonomics of our modern Harley ® motorcycles . We are sure that thanks to a wide range of accessories and 100 years of experience we will prepare a custom made bike for you to feel comfortable and comfortable.

Enjoy an even better ride. You'll be amazed at what our trained technicians at the HD ® Fit Shop can do. By replacing several key elements, we can modify any motorcycle to any rider. So whether you are 1.60 or 2 meters and your dream is Fat Boy ® , there is nothing to wait for ...

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